How to watch live Olympics on Peacock premium App?

  • How to watch live Olympics on Peacock premium?

U.S. citizens can stream Olympics games directly on Peacock TV for free during the first seven days, after which they have to pay $4.99 per month to watch their favourite game sessions on Olympics. 

Peacock Premium’s streaming app includes TV shows, movies, and sports events for its viewers. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics can be watched free on Peacock TV but the free version won’t support all events in entirety. To catch the full coverage of the Olympics gaming events being held amidst the Covid-19 pandemic crisis this year, you need to access the premium version of the Peacock TV.

The NBCUniversal, which is the aren’t company of Peacock, has bagged the rights to be the official US programming partner of the Tokyo Olympics this year. Peacock is one of the streaming hubs for Olympics besides the NBC Sports app and the website of NBC. 

How to watch Olympic trials on Peacock?

watch live Olympics on Peacock premium

You can watch the Olympics trials on Peacock. For this, you have to have an eligible paid subscription of the Peacock streaming TV app to continue watching the live games and the exciting events longer than 30 minutes. 

Peacock will have live coverage of some of the biggest events like live gymnastics, track and field, and also the US men’s basketball games. However, other game events would majorly replay of the original events due to the vast time zone difference between Tokyo and the U.S. 

The USA men’s basketball matches cannot be streamed free in the form of live coverage and people would have to subscribe to Peacock premium for $5 or $10 per month tier. Peacock will also feature new daily live shows, original programming, Olympics channels, Olympics event replays, and specially crafted highlights of NBC Olympics. Upon subscription you would also get access to other premium content like newly released movies and shows.

  • FAQs

Can you watch live Olympic events on Peacock?

Due to the vast time zone difference, most of the events would be telecasted or streamed as replay events from the Tokyo Olympics. However, the gymnastics event, track and field event, and the US men’s basketball games would be streamed live.

Does Peacock premium have live Olympics?

Yes, Peacock Premium has all the Olympics channels.

Can you watch Olympics on Peacock free?

Yes, you can watch some events for free for 30 minutes or so but after that you need to purchase a subscription of Peacock Premium at $5 to $10 per month.

Does Peacock have Olympic channel?

Yes, Peacock Premium has all the Olympic channels because it is the subsidiary of NBCUniversal which is the official Olympics streaming and live broadcasting partner of the U.S.

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