How to Use Cash App Card at Atm Withdrawal- Full Guide

How to use Cash App Card at ATM?

Cash app allows its users a debit card which is black in colour. Mostly all verified users can have a Cash card. They charge no withdrawal, maintenance or set up fee for this card that comes from Sutton Bank and the bank account and routing number for the card come from Lincoln Savings Bank.

Usually, people are bound by the terms and conditions of the Lincoln Savings Bank. Cash card has a limit on how much you can withdraw from the ATMs using the card. On a weekly basis you can withdraw $1000 and on a monthly basis you are allowed to withdraw only $1250.  

Now, can you use Cash app card at an ATM? 

cash app card atm withdrawal

The answer is β€œYes.”

  • All users have to do is, walk into any of the ATMs, 
  • Put in the ATM card and punch in your Cash app PIN.

Few important points to remember,

  • Withdrawing cash however, would incur some charges like a straight $2 Cash app fee for every withdrawal done.
  • Additionally, users might incorporate some charges towards the ATM operator. Users will be charged fees for utilising the ATM machine for cash withdrawal.
  • However, there is a catch which says that if any customer reimburses a weekly $300 into their Cash app account, Cash app would replenish those accounts by depositing back all the ATM charges incurred towards ATM cash withdrawal.

How to use Cash app at ATM without card?

Did you know that Cash app card ATM withdrawals is also possible cardless? Now, with the mobile cash facility, Cash app can help withdraw money entirely cardless.

However, it will not function with any other bank applications but, it will operate only through a certain bank and its adjoining ATM. It works via generation of a one-time function code instead of the regular ATM PIN use. 

To not use a Cash card at ATM, follow the below mentioned steps;

  • From the mobile Cash app, users have to log in to their mobile Cash app account.
  • The customer has to put up a cash amount they wish to withdraw from the ATM.
  • Click on the mobile cash option on the ATM you are visiting.
  • A mobile cash code would come up in your phone. The mobile cash function code is a one-time QR code, which works closely with the smart phone mobile Cash app. 
  • All you have to do as a customer is scan the QR code on the ATM.
  • The selected cash can be collected along with the transaction receipt from the ATM.


Can I use my Cash app card at an ATM?

Yes, as a user, β€œCan I use Cash app card at ATM?” Card can be suitably used at an ATM since the Cash app works like a debit card at any bank. Withdrawals are though limited and users cannot withdraw more than the given amount in a particular week or month.

As a user, you can withdraw any number of times but the amount cannot exceed $1000 weekly and per month, it cannot exceed $1250. However, to get withdrawals, one needs to pay $2 or $3 to Cash app which would be remitted back if the bank account has at least $300 per month.

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