How to use Struck by Luck app Florida Lottery?

What is struck by Luck app Florida lottery?

The state of Florida announces different lottery games from time to time. Most lottery games allow you to win instantly whereas some have to go through a lucky draw.

Struck by Luck game is the newly launched $10 lucky draw game which offers buyers an option to win a million dollars. The game offers 7 million winning tickets. Almost $176.4 million cash prize is being promised through the Struck by luck app. The winning odds when using the Struck by Luck game is almost one in three chances.

struck by luck app florida lottery

How to download struck by luck app?

The app is present in both the official app stores For Android users, the app is present in the Google Playstore for download. For iOS devices, the app is present in the Apple app store for download.

How to use struck by luck app?

Using the Struck by Luck app requires downloading and installing the app.

  • Players can click on the money bag symbol to reveal the prize in the ticket.
  • Scratch-off games like Crossword Cash, Magic 8 ball, 3 Times Lucky can also be played using the Struck by luck app.
  • To play the game, players can scan the ticket barcode or add the ticket details. By clicking on the lightning bolt icon, you can easily come to know more about the winner.
  • Click on the Check your Ticket option to counter-check on the ticket details.
  • Enter your ticket number.
  • Include the entry code
  • Now, click on the Submit tab.
  • To check the Jackpot details, enter the Ticket number and the entry code in the View Jackpot tab.


Features that attract gamers and users include;

  • If you wish to win checkered prizes, tickets would need to be booked.
  • Storm and Jackpot winning information can be retrieved from the site.
  • Near Me located the new Jackpot and Hurricane-winning locations anywhere around you.
  • The amount being given out in the latest Jackpot is present on the site.


The app has got average reviews since most of the time, the opinions about the app are split. Some people like it and some don’t, depends on who wins and who does not.

Is it Safe?

It is safe to use, and there is no breach of security noticed during the use of the app.

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