How to refund pending payment on Cash App?

If a cash app is your daily thing means you use it frequently for money transactions, bitcoin exchange, investment, etc, you may have come across pending payment issues a lot of time. Even if you are a newbie, you can start using it today because 7 million others are doing the same. You may face the problem in the future so get prepared to ignore it in the best possible way. This article tells everything about your pending payment and how to get it back. 

Before heading with the refund process you should know why it actually happens. Here are the reasons that can put your transaction into pending status.

  • You are working with poor internet connectivity. 
  • Down server from the bank side. 
  • You might be using an inactive debit or credit card.
  • Your account has an insufficient balance.
  • The cash app you are using is not an updated one. 
  • Some viruses may have attacked your device.
  • Your account is locked.
  • The recipient to whom you want to send money is not in the USA.

In case you found any of the above issues, correct them immediately, if possible. And then check again. If the transaction status is still pending, then it’s time for the refund.

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How to get refund Cash App pending payment?

refund Cash App pending payment

You can manually return the pending amount or refund it in these easy steps. 

  • Open cash app and tap on the activity tab.
  • Go to transactions and find your pending funds.
  • Next click on three dots.
  • Select Refund and confirm it through the OK button.

In case you do not refund the payment then the sender will contact the cash app support team and they will look deeper into the matter. It’s always ethical to send back the payment if the money is not meant to be sent to you.

How to cancel a pending payment on cash app?

Cash app lets you cancel a pending payment with these easy steps. Note that you will be able to cancel the payment only if it displays the cancel option. 

  • Take the device you are using which can be Android or Apple.
  • Open the Cash App Home screen and go to the activity tab. The activity tab is the clock sign.
  • Now find out the payment which is pending.
  • Click on it to display payment details.
  • Now click on the triple-dot. 
  • It will again bring additional options like Cancel A Payment. Tap on it. 
  • Finally, press okay.

Your pending transaction is canceled here. In case, you do not see the Cancel Your Payment option then you will have to submit a request refund to the app.

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Can you refund a pending transaction on Cash App?

Yes, you can refund a pending transaction from your side on cash app. If this is the recipient’s mistake then the chances are low that they will be getting money because the cash app will not take the case into its hand. On the other hand, if they have been scammed by someone and the app recognizes it, then they will get the refund within a certain time.

How long does a pending refund take on Cash App?

Understand the refund process into parts. One part is from the merchant to the cash app while the other part is from the cash app to your app balance. If the merchant has decided to refund the transaction then it will hardly take 10 business days to reach the cash app. Now when the app receives the amount, it instantly transfers the money to your account. You can check that your balance has gone up. When the 10 business days have passed and you have still not got your money, it’s a red flag. Reach out to the merchant and also Cash App Support to solve this.

What happens if I cancel a pending payment on Cash App?

When you cancel a pending payment on cash app, you wish not to send the money to the recipient. Therefore, the company stops the transaction and processes sending it back to you. As a result, you get a refund which may take a few days to display on your account. In the case of fraudulent activities, the Cash app does it for you. Your transaction automatically gets canceled and you get an instant refund.


Whether you want to cancel a pending payment or refund a transaction, you can do both in simple steps. We have discussed everything in detail above. If you are still left with any questions, we would love to help.

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