Real YTR Boat App Download [Call Log Details]

Looking to Download Real YTR Boat App. Below, I have shared all the details about this app. Also, shared one click download link. Don’t forget to read complete article to know more details about this application.

YTR Boat App for Call Recording

The YTR Boat app can help you record calls. What’s new, you may ask?

The Boat app is an absolute wonder as it records your calls and provides you with a break up of everything you may want to see.

  1. Call duration
  2. Call time (beginning and ending)
  3. Contact details of the person
  4. The entire call record is available as a single file.
  5. Once you align your phone’s calls, and you happened to misplace it with this app’s help you can retrieve most of your call details.
  6. You must create an account and also give various permissions for the app.

How to download & Install it?

Real YTR Boat App Download

If you want to download the Real YTR Boat app, you may want to look at the following process. The app is currently unavailable in Google Playstore and Apple appstore.

  1. Click on the download link from any of your favorite appstores after you find the app.
  2. Wait for the YTR Boat app download to complete and then install it on your device.
  3. Your application process needs to be completed and only after completing registration, you will need to go ahead and implement the Boat app features.
  4. You must also give access to your phone permitting it to download apps from sites other than Google Playstore or Apple appstore.

App Features

The following are the app features that you need to focus on, find out more about the YTR Boat app from here;

  • Call log recording is done easily once you align the app with your call history.
  • Contact identification like profile pictures, names, and also managing calls can be easier with the app.
  • The app is quite user friendly and brings you some of the latest activities you’d like to have an app for.
  • They also provide you with a filtering option for your calls.
  • A vast video library sits for you to explore
  • You can tailor your viewings according to your requirements.
  • Use and create playlists and organize videos accordingly.

How to use it?

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will need to register it.

  • After completing registration, start by allowing access to your phone’s calls and other essential records from here.
  • Those who want to view videos can catch them here.
  • People who are there to have a recorded call list for themselves can also benefit from its existence.
  • Find out more about what people can do with the app.
  • If you want to create vlogs and wish to distribute them, search for what you can do.
  • Record Details and explore the app to find more details about them.


Here is everything you would want to know about the installation and use of the app. The YTR Boat app is a new way to know more about your call details. Even if you lose data from your phone, this app will preserve your data till you have your account with them. It is a completely free service and people who have the app can only benefit in positive ways using the app.

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