What is the best way to earn 10.000rs in real Paytm cash?

10.000rs earning app in 2021 real Paytm cash?

The Paytm cash comes by connecting it to many sources from where you can earn cash. One such popular way of earning cash is by connecting it to numerous game apps that you keep using every day. The games you play can earn you points, and those points can be turned into real cash. There are many such games in the market like the Subway Surfers Paris, Spin the Wheel. Skillcash.com is one such site where you can play games and transfer the profit into your Paytm cash account.

What is the best way to earn 10.000rs in real Paytm cash?

The best way to earn Rs.10,000 in real Paytm cash is to play any of the games you like from one of your favourite sites.

  1. To win cash create accounts on multiple sites.
  2. Further, log in to your accounts and then confirm check with the available options to win cash.
  3. Connect your Paytm account to each of these sites.
  4. Further, start by playing the easiest looking games in the stock. You can win small or big cash and immediately transfer it to your Paytm cash.
  5. You can even register with sites that pay your money for answering questions of the 10th or 12th syllabus, and the game is like a challenge given to the other party.

How to earn 10.000rs in 2021 real Paytm cash?


You cannot earn ten thousand bucks in a day, and it might take time and a lot of effort. But, for those who can use the time judiciously, you can use your spare time to win a lot of cash in a day for free. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Login to any platform like the Krypto account that can gift you either coins or cash.
  2. Once you have added your email address and have entered the password twice, you can create a space for yourself.
  3. Soon after doing it, your email or phone number will receive a code that you must enter on the site.
  4. Link your Paytm account to the Krypto account.
  5. After the process is done, add a username and your name to the account created by you.
  6. Participate in the loot, wherein you can earn a few bitcoins for free.


To conclude, we can state that no cash is for free, and to earn, one must complete one or the other activity. In this segment, we have touched upon ways one can use to earn money through Paytm cash.

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