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Types of Data we Collect

Following are the list of the data that we collect from our users.

Comments data

Whenever a user leaves a comment on our site. We ask information like his Name, Email Address and website (if any). We keep this data because it will make us easy to contact him back (if neccessary). The main aim of collecting this info is to provide our users a better service.

Contact us

Sometimes users may use our contact us form. Through it , we may ask him about his Name, Email and the Message that he/she wants to say. This is also because of communication purpose. So that we can contact our users back and solve their problems.


Yes, we use cookies to provide our users a better experience. If you comment down to our site we may save your login info so that when you come back to comment again on our site, you will not require to put your login details again. These details will be saved to your browser until you logout or you clear the cache and cookies from your browser settings.

Embedded content

We may have embedded a third-party site on our website. The embedded site will behave the same way as you browse the site on your browser. The third-party site will have its own privacy policies and may collect your data. So we recommend reading their policy page because we are not responsible for third-party sites.

Third Party Sites

We may have third-party sites link on our site. Tapping on the links will direct you to those sites. So, we strongly recommend reading their policies. And as we mentioned above that we are not responsible for those sites. So, it’s better to be aware of these sites and see what info they collect and how they use it.

How We protect your data?

We have strong security system that protects our users data. But as you know nothing is 100% secure in this tech world. So we cant give guarantee to you.

Moreover, Our website uses HTTPS that will encrypt the communication protocol between your device and our site. It is secured using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This will protect your data.

What rights you have over your data?

You can tell us any time to edit modify or delete your data by contacting us through the “contact us” form. You have full rights over your data.

Do we sell your data?

A BIG NO! We don’t sell our users data to anyone. Your data will remain only to us.

Thank You

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