How to Join/Sign up for Xbox insider (Complete Guide)?

New To Xbox Insider Program? Here’s Everything You Need To Know! 

Did you recently come across the Xbox insider program and are interested in learning more about it? 

Well, you have just landed at the right place. This article has covered what the insider program is all about, including the steps to join and sign up for the insider program by Xbox. 

What are you waiting for? Hop on to dive deeper into the Xbox insider app right away! 

What is Xbox Insider?

xbox insider

Xbox insider allows you to test the upcoming Xbox applications, features and games faster than its normal members. By being an insider member, you will get early access to Xbox’s upcoming content and features. To access these features, you must be at least 18 years old. The Xbox insider bundle comes with a problem application where users can report any issues they have come across, and the Xbox insider Hub, which, apart from giving early access, has an amazing community to interact with. 

How to join Xbox insider?

You can join the Xbox insider program through your windows device or Xbox itself. One can hop on to the platform by just installing the Hub app. Go through the detailed procedure below to join the insider program by XBOX. 

On Xbox

  1. Go to Store on Home or select Store in the guide.
  2. Choose the store option in the guide or simply go to Homes and select the store option. 
  3. At times you might not get the Store option directly. In such cases, you just have to scroll down. There you will find an Add More option where you can choose Store. Next, you have to add it to your Home screen. 
  4. Once in the Store, go to the search option and type in Insider. You will see a list of options, among which one will be the Xbox Insider bundle. Select it. 
  5. The final procedure is to click on the install or Add option. 

Once you click on these options, your Xbox Insider Hub and the Report a problem app will be installed. 

On Windows 10/11 devices

If you are not comfortable with the above procedure, make sure to give it a try through the Microsoft store. Here are the steps: 

  1. Go to your Start button and click on it. Enter the Store. This will give you an option of Microsoft store. 
  2. Open Microsoft Store from there.
  3. Go to the Search icon on Microsoft Store and type Insider over there. 
  4. Once it displays Xbox Insider Hub as one of the apps, click on it and select install. 

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How to sign up for Xbox insider?

xbox insider signup

It might seem surprising, but it’s super easy to start with the insider program. All you need to do is follow five steps to sign up, and that’s it! 

  • Go to Xbox your Xbox console and tab on the toggler to turn it on
  • From there, find the Xbox store. 
  • The next step is to search Insider. 
  • Download the Xbox Insider Bundle app Download or install the Xbox insider bundle. 
  • Next, you must open the insider bundle and click on the join option. 

Once you click the join button, you must enter the credentials to sign up. 

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How does it work?

Before we get into how Xbox insider works, let us inform you that the insider program comes with different tires. There are five different tires; the most complicated thing you can get stuck on while using the inside is finding a tire that suits your requirements and juggling between tires. 

Omega: If you are a new insider member, this is where you will be categorized right after signing up. 

Delta: Here’s the insider level two! To enter this level, you must be a member of an insider program for a month and of course, to get access, you must complete a few to-do lists. The Delta tire grants you access to better previews than the omega tier.

Beta: The minimum requirements to get to the Beta tier are as follows: 

  • You must be a member of the insider program for at least three months
  • You must be in Level 5 to enter the beta tier. 

With the beta tier, you can have access to earlier updates. 

Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead: 

The Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead tires are invite-only, so there’s not much you can do to join them, but they receive the first look at new features and updates.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the difficult parts of being an insider is juggling between tires. From the above-mentioned information, you might think it is an automated process, but sadly that’s not the case with the Xbox insider program. 

After achieving the desired requirements of a tier, you have to change your status manually. Here’s how you can proceed: 

  1. Open your Xbox and move to the preview tab
  2. Select an option stating “Xbox update preview.”
  3. From there, you have to click on the information menu. 
  4. Now, select the manage option available under the information menu. 
  5. Choose the tier that you want to unlock. (Make sure you have covered the prerequisite of that particular tier)

Once you have completed these procedures, your profile will be transferred to the tier you have selected. Moreover, if you want to delete your insider program, you can easily do so through the same menu. 

Wrapping It Up: 

We hope this article provided just the right amount of information required to become an Xbox insider member. For any further issues, let us know in the comment section, and we will come up with a solution for that as well. Till then, explore your insider membership to its best! 


Is Xbox Insider free?

Yes! Though it might sound crazy, you can sign up and avail yourself of all the Xbox insider plan features. Isn’t that amazing? In fact, they are coming up with a feature that will allow users to play multiplayer games online without a Gold subscription in hand. 

Can anyone join Xbox insider program?

The insider program eligibility depends on your previous activities, your program levels and other factors. But if you are eligible, you can easily participate in previews by just launching the Xbox insider Hub. 

How long does it take to join Xbox Insider?

Once you have joined the insider program by the procedure mentioned in this article, you can easily receive all the preview updates. However, do keep in mind that receiving previews might take as long as 72 hours. Hence, you need to be a bit patient. 

Is Xbox insider worth it?

The Xbox Insider Program has a dedicated Club on Xbox Live and a thriving community on the Xbox website. The members of the Insider programme are allowed to discuss bugs, criticism, and other topics.

Moreover, you can join pre-launch previews for several applications, including games, via the Xbox Insider Hub on Pc and Xbox. Apart from these, there are several other benefits that the insider program has got to offer you. 

Since the program has been launched recently, they are coming up with several modifications. If you have never given it a shot, we would suggest you join as soon as possible. It’s definitely worth a try! 

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