How to join the discord server with code?

Discord was designed especially for gamers and with time, it has now become a busy platform for all types of content creators, influencers, live artists, etc. People join the discord and express their talent through the medium of servers and channels where they find thousands of audiences listening to them online. Discord allows you to interact with thousands of members in the channel, host watch parties, and promote live sessions to save time and energy. You can create different channels specifically for a particular topic and add the required participants to take part in the discussion. But where are these channels stored? 

The server stores almost 500 channels at one go and you can easily join the server if you have an invite link. Let’s talk more about the Discord server and how you can join in a number of ways. 

Can you Join the discord server with a QR code?

discord server with QR

No, it is not possible to join the discord server with a QR code. QR codes can only be used to log in to your existing discord account on your system. To join a discord server, you must have an invite link from the pre-added member of the server room. 

Steps to join with QR Code

There is no way to join the discord server with the QR code, however, the QR code is useful for logging in to your PC with the help of your account logged in on your phone, in the case when you do not remember your password. The steps are as follows:

  • Open Discord on your phone
  • Go to your profile section
  • Click on the Scan QR Code option under the User Settings
  • Grant the camera access on your device so that it can scan the QR code
  • Once you are ready to scan, open your Discord Application on your desktop
  • You will see a QR code beside the login options
  • Scan the code from your Android Disord Application
  • This way you will be quickly logged in to your account

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How to join the discord server with code?

Joining the Discord server has become quite easy with the help of the invite code. The new joiners do not have to worry if they have an invitation code to get joined to a particular server. Whether you are using a PC, Android Device, or an iPhone, you have got all windows open to join the server. The steps are easy to understand and consume less time, which means within a minute you can join your favorite discord server if you have the link. After you have joined the server, you will be soon assigned a role by the admin or the server mod (moderator) once you agree to the rules and regulations of the server. 

Let us look at how you can join the discord with invite code on various devices.

On pc

  • If you do not have the application installed on your desktop, you can go the discord’s official website and install it from its website
  • After you have installed the application, open Discord and log in with your credentials
  • Go to the left side of the window and locate the server list
  • Scroll down the server list and click on the + (Add a Server) icon
  • On the Create a New Server section, click on the Join a Server under the Have an Invite Already? option
  • In the Invite link box, paste the invite link you have got for your server
  • On the bottom, click on the Join button to join the server

On Android

  • Launch the Discord application on your Android device
  • Log in to your account
  • Tap on three dashed lines on the top left corner of the screen
  • On the Server menu, locate the + icon, i.e., the Add a Server option
  • Click on the Join a Server option
  • Paste the invite link in the invite box and click on the Join button to join the server

On iPhone/iPad

You have got similar steps for iPhones and iPads too as you have got for the Android devices. There is not much difference, hence it is the same set of steps and you can refer to the above section to know how can you join a discord server via the invite link. 

How to get a discord server code?

join discord server code

You can get the discord server code on any of the devices you use, be it a desktop, an Android device, or an iOS device. But with a PC and access to a web browser, it consumes less time to get you the server code. To get the code to follow the steps below carefully:

  • Launch the Discord and sign-in
  • Click on the setting option, placed at the right of your username at the bottom
  • From the settings menu, select the APP SETTINGS option
  • Locate the Advanced option under the APP SETTINGS
  • Toggle on the Developer Mode
  • Click on ESC or click on the available X icon to close the settings page

Once the Developer Mode is on, we will now head towards finding the server ID:
1. From the Server menu, right-click on the server’s name 

2. Select the Copy ID option

3. Paste the copied ID to the safe place and now you can turn off the Developer mode if you wish

The copied ID is finally your server ID. 


How to find a discord server with code?

You can find a discord server by searching its name or with the help of an invite link. With the discord server ID, it is a bit tricky to find out about the server and after all, you can only get the server code once you have joined it. 

Can you join the discord server with a code on Mobile?

Yes, you can join a discord server with an invite code on mobile. All you have to do is to paste the invite link on the Join a Server box and click on Join to join the server. This way you will enter into the official space of the server. 

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