How to Use Invigilator app UNISA?

what is the invigilator app Unisa?

When exams have to be conducted remotely teachers need to ensure there is a way to conduct them fairly. The invigilator app from UNISA can help with it by mimicking the environment of an in-room exam. It works very well when students and teachers sit far away from each other.

Taking a selfie from time to time, validating identity proofs, photographing your exam paper are some ways it works for teachers well. There are also a lot of other functions that make it the number one choice of educational institutions.

invigilator app unisa

Invigilator app Unisa how does it work?

It uses modern AI technology to calibrate your device. Through calibration you allow your microphone and camera to perform tasks thus mimicking a classroom environment. 

  • Through the use of AI it can sense motion, record what it sees, and also can use the speaker.
  • The app does not intensively use battery or data. 
  • The app is officially able to harness a 360-degree camera and can record your movements easily.
  • The proctor assigned for you would be intimated through the app about your position every time there is a change in it.

How to use invigilator app UNISA 2021?

Using the UNISA invigilator app, you can take a demo test before moving to your real test. Here’s how it works for you.

  • Once you log in to the app, click on the start tab.
  • Scan the QR code provided to you by either your teacher or with your assessment.
  • Never minimize or get out of your app environment while taking the exam. 
  • Take a selfie or photo whenever you hear a sound or see the attention box pop up.
  • Once you’re done with your exam, you can click on the tab mentioned as I’m finished.
  • The timer would allow you an additional 5 minutes to upload the photos and selfie images along with your script page selfie images that you have taken.

invigilator app cheat Tricks?

Several students are searching for cheating techniques while using the app. Let’s show you some of the useful ones-

  • Screen sharing can help your friends find out answers to your questions. 
  • Using software between your webcam and proctoring software. While the proctoring software tries to pull a live feed from the student’s webcam a prerecorded live feed would be fed to him instead.
  • Using two operating systems within the same machine at the same time can also help students cheat.

How to invigilator app unisa download?

Download the invigilator app from Apple and Google Playstore for your iOS and Android devices.

How to install invigilator app for Pc/Windows?

  • Download an emulator from any of the emulator sites.
  • Open Google Playstore from the emulator environment.
  • Search and install the invigilator app on your PC.
  • To use the app you must always enter the emulator environment.

Does the invigilator app record sound?

Yes, the invigilator app records sound by using your device’s mic.

Does the invigilator app record video?

Yes through a webcam it would monitor your exam performance.


UNISA’s invigilator app is one of the best remote resources for teachers to monitor students’ performances during exams. A proctor is usually assigned 5-6 students and each student needs to keep their mic and webcam on. Use the app, if your school has an upcoming exam.

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