Facing Hulu Error Code? Here’s How You Can Resolve It!

Facing Hulu Error Code? Here’s How You Can Resolve It!

In our day-to-day use of several applications coming across an error code is inevitable. Error codes are nothing but software’s way of conveying error messages. They are coded and unclear, which makes them hard to understand at one glance.

So is the case with one of the oldest online streaming software with thousands of movies and tv shows in varying genres. Yes, we are talking about the Hulu app. Hulu’s services are user-friendly and affordable. It has a variety of options that suit both traditional and modern viewers. 

Facing Hulu Error Code? Here's How You Can Resolve It!

Hulu error codes and messages generally show up when there is a problem with the device, internet connection, or hardware issues. These codes are not self-explanatory or crystal clear. Error codes can also appear when there is a problem relating to service disruptions from Hulu itself. 

Since Hulu problems are typically caused by internet connection issues with the Hulu app or the streaming device, this can be generally fixed by following some troubleshooting points. 

Through this article, we will understand each error code and the methods to resolve the same. 

How to Fix Hulu error code p-dev320?

Hulu error code p-dev320 is one of the many error codes that appear when a user tries to stream content on Hulu. This error can also appear on Hulu Live Tv. Hulu error code p-dev320 appears when there is a lack of communication between main Hulu servers. To fix this error code –

  • First, you need to confirm if the service is down for all users or just for you. 
  • Try logging into Hulu from a different device. If Hulu works on the other device, the problem might be with the first device. 
  • Check whether the Hulu app is updated.
  • Clear Hulu app cache and data. Clear the browser cache and data using Hulu on the web player.
  • Try logging in to Hulu from a different connection. 
  • Restart the device or internet service. 
  • If you are still facing a similar error, the chances are that the problem is from Hulu’s end and cannot be solved by users. 

Error code p-ts207

Hulu error code p-ts207 refers to a playback error. It may be caused due to poor internet connectivity, usage of outdated versions of Hulu, or internal issues Hulu users can’t fix. What can be done at home to avoid this error is –

  • Check the internet connection. Take a speed test or move the device closer to the router.
  • Restart the Hulu app. Close the Hulu app and wait for a few minutes before opening it.
  • Turn off the router and the devices used. Wait for a few minutes and reopen them again. Rebooting it this way helps avoid the error.
  • Check if the Hulu app is updated. Updates help in increased performance and lessen errors. 
  • If none of these methods works, contact Hulu support.  

Error code p-edu125

Some errors are related to internet connectivity, and some are due to outdated app usage. Some because the device has difficulties. The Hulu error code P-edu125 is due to Complications in user subscription. To avoid this error –

  • Update payment information. To do this, log in to Hulu and go to your account. Click update payment information, select a payment method and enter new billing information. Submit the form and see if the Hulu error code is fixed.
  • If iPhone users encounter this error code, the solution is to switch the billing plan from iTunes to Hulu.
  • If this error code is experienced at the Ending dates of the subscription, then cancel the subscription and subscribe again to avoid this error.

How do you fix the Hulu error code rununk13?

Hulu error code rununk13 appears when a video is not being played onscreen. It’s usually due to corrupt data, connection issues, or a problem due to Hulu’s servers. 

  • The most simple way to get rid of this error is to refresh the page and/or reload the video. Refreshing the app and reloading the whole website can eliminate this error.
  • Try logging in from other devices. If Hulu is not working on any device, then this problem cannot be fixed by the user.
  • Clear the cache and data off the Hulu app. This corrupt data can cause this problem. Uninstall or reinstall the app to clear cache data. Android and Apple users can clear the cache on the Settings app that watches Hulu on TV by restarting the TV. 
  • Fire TV users can clear cache in the manage installed applications option. 
  • Check if the TV or apps are up-to-date.
  • Clear the website browser cache 
  • Check the internet connection or restart the device.


In this article, we have tried to cover all the common Hulu errors that users encounter. If you are facing any other errors, comment below, and we will come up with a solution for that as well! 


Why am I getting an error code on Hulu?

Error codes appear due to poor internet connection. Some of the errors also occur if the app is not updated. Basic tasks like reinstalling and updating Hulu can solve most troubleshooting errors. If the users have tried all the methods and still find errors, then the problem is on Hulu’s end. 

What does Hulu error code rununk13 mean?

When the Hulu error code Rununk13 Appears, it is usually seen with a message that says error playing video. This usually appears when users try to play a video, but it does not open. If this message appears, try restarting the video or select another movie or tv series to watch. 

How can you fix Your Hulu connection error?

To fix the Hulu connection error, restart the Internet connection by rebooting it. Turn off the Wi-Fi router or data and wait a few minutes before turning it on. 

  • Restart the Hulu app. 
  • Move the device towards the router. 
  • Reinstall the Hulu app
  • Reboot the router

Why does Hulu keep saying errors?

Most of the Hulu errors occur due to caching. This is for users who use multiple devices. When the data is synced across devices, the cache becomes corrupted if the internet is not stable. Other Hulu errors are due to poor internet connectivity and update problems. Most of the hollow errors can be solved by following simple steps. If the errors do not vanish after following the steps, then the problem is not from the user’s side.

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