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How to Delete Paparazzi Account Step by Step?

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Paparazzi is a website for finding and buying trendy accessories just at an affordable rate of $5. Accessories are made in China and are free of lead and nickel.

The fashion-forward accessories have unique designs and can be purchased through the consultants of Paparazzi. Founders of Paparazzi are Misty & Trent Kirby, Chani & Ryan Reeve. The Paparazzi founder's net worth is estimated to be close to one million.


How to DELETE Paparazzi account?

If you wish to delete your Paparazzi Accessories account completely, then here’s how to do it:

Request your account deletion via email:

  • You can write the email to the support team or to ryan@redacted and state the reason for requesting your account deletion.
  • Further, provide relevant account information and mention the law under which you are making the request (General Data Protection Regulation for EU residents or California Consumer Privacy Act for California residents). Also, make sure to mention the fine amounts to Pa in case of non-compliance on part of Paparazzi Accessories.

After sending out the email, you can log out and then delete the app from your iPhone or Android smartphone. To remove the application, simply press the app for some time and then tap on the cancel icon to delete the app. You can also download the Paparazzi app again if you change your mind.

How do I stop being a Paparazzi consultant?

If you have decided to call it quit at Paparazzi, then go through the below procedure:

  • Submit your resignation email to your MLM stating your reasons to discontinue working with them as a consultant.
  • Once they acknowledge your resignation, then return unopened products to the office. After this, wait till your money is refunded. In case, you have opened the products, then they would probably ask you to destroy the products. In this case, you won’t receive any refunds.
  • Followed by this, close VIP groups and leave the “Team” support pages.
  • From the MLM website, you can download your payment receipts and reports.
  • Finally, make sure to exit from the social media pages of Paparazzi and if you have a business page, then make sure to update it properly about your resignation from the company as a consultant.

How long can you be inactive with Paparazzi?

Although there are no monthly quotas to fulfill, it is advisable to fulfill the yearly requirement of selling at least 100 pieces in a year to remain active. A consultant is considered active in Paparazzi Accessories if they have at least 50pv which is equal to 25 pieces. If a consultant remains inactive for a year, then the Paparazzi account will be terminated.  

How to Reactivate Paparazzi account?

A consultant can re-join Paparazzi Accessories immediately if their account had been canceled earlier by Paparazzi due to inactivity or the consultant has ended their service on good terms with the business. If a period of 12 months has already been over, then the consultant can rejoin immediately.

However, if their account had been canceled by Paparazzi Accessories due to policy violations, then they can never rejoin the business.

To join back the team, you need to get in touch with Call Consultant Support (855-697-272) first to have your account cleared. Then, you have to pick a kit and complete the Paparazzi Consultant Application to get started as soon as possible.

Most consultants quit working with Paparazzi Accessories because they either are not making the profits as expected or are unable to figure out how to grow further. Other than this, they might also be unable to get adequate support and guidance from the team.

Yes, you can cancel Paparazzi revolution or Paparazzi starter kit within three days of delivery if the products appear to be damaged. However, if the product can be repaired, then it can’t be returned.

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