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What is the app/website?

Cashappearn website dispenses cash for completing simple tasks and even pays you for small reviews and referrals. It is basically a site that targets high payouts surveys to earn cash. Cashappearn allows you to draw money and is a modded version of the Cashapp by which drawing money completing easier tasks is convenient and most importantly allowed.

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How to Cashappearn app download?

Cashappearn apk download or installation is not required and even sign up is not required since it has a user-friendly web portal that can be opened on any web browser easily. 

  • Use the given link to log into the Cashappearn website.
  • Once you have logged in, you can simply enter your Cash app ID. 
  • Next, choose your device- if it is Apple or Android.
  • When the device is chosen click on how much you want from the site like either $50 or $100 via the Cash app.
  • Once directed to the site, you will have to complete some simple tasks to get the amount you want in your Cash app account. reviews has mixed reviews and for some, the cash generation has happened easily but some have struggled to earn even the basic $50 amount. Some users claim to have completed surveys easily and show off the money in their Cash app wallet.

How to use

To use you need to perform three tasks and there is no need to register with the site.

– Enter your Cashapp ID.

– Specify your device type- Android or Apple.

– Enter the withdrawal amount- $50 & $100.

– Complete some high paying surveys to get your desired amount.


Is legit? is a legitimate app to earn cash.

Does really work?

Yes, it works to generate amounts like $50 & $100

Thank You

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