How to Cancel Cash App Card Order? Cancel Lost Card Now

The Cash App Card is a free debit card that Cash App Account holders can use. The usage of this is to make payments for commodities and various different services. It is the easiest and most convenient way to transfer money, spend, invest and save your money.

It is a safe, user-friendly, and quick mobile banking app. A cash Card is serviceable at any place where Visa Card is accepted, both online and in stores. One must be 18 or above to apply for a Cash App Card. 

How to cancel cash app card order?

cancel cash app card order

There is a particular procedure to cancel your pending order. Just follow these steps mentioned below to know-how:

To cancel an order :

1. From the Cash App home screen press Tap on the Activity tab. 

2. Press CANCEL on the unsettled stock purchase. 

3. Tap YES to confirm.

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How to cancel my lost Cash App card?

If your want to cancel cash app card that is lost, you should immediately contact Customer Service. They would provide service in the following cases: 

1. Your card is stolen or lost 

2. Someone has transferred or may transfer funds without letting you know from your Card account.

You can call at 1-800-969-1940 or take in-app support prompts. It is the best way to reduce your possible losses. If you report one of your cards lost and you have both virtual and a physical card in hand, both your cards will be canceled. After that, you can renew your cards. But once you disable your card, it means the cash app card will not function to transfer payments and withdraw money from an ATM. You can turn it on whenever you get back your Cash App card using an application, and you can access it from mobile. 

To order a new Cash Card if yours is lost or stolen:

1. Hit the Cash Card tab From the Account

2. Now, Tap the image of your Cash Card

3. You will see the Report Lost Card. Tap on it.

They will ask you to supply your personal information, and it may comprise your Card number, full name, transaction history and other required information. 

You can also delete your cash app account quickly from your mobile, i.e., on an iPhone, an iPad, or android, on the account settings page. But deleting an account comes with conditions. Make sure to make any pending payments to your bank account. Cancel cash app card and deleting your Cash App account is necessary before deleting the app on your device.

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Can I Cancel cash app order?

 cancel a cash app card order

You can cancel cash app card orders only for those that have not been executed. 

To cancel an order :

1. Press the activity tab on your Cash App home screen. 

2. Press CANCEL on the unsettled stock purchase. 

3. Tap YES to confirm.

How much time does it take to cancel cash app delivery?

Generally, Cancelled Cash App payments are returned and refunded immediately but sometimes, it may take 1-3 business days if you used a debit card as the funding source. 


Cash App Card is very user-friendly, and you can make instant payments via this net banking system. You can also cancel your cash app order and get refunds. It is a very smooth and safe way to transfer money free of cost.

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