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What Is The Free FAX App For iPhone? 

Fax technology is quite old. However, you have got to use a new device to send faxes today. Everybody is rushing, so mobility is an important feature that users are looking for today. The free Fax app enables one to send faxes directly from the iPhone device. 

What is the best free fax app for iPhone?

Best faxing app for iPhone

You will come across some free fax apps today. Let us find the top 3 fax app for iPhone:

  • eFax
  • Fax Free
  • iFax

FAX from iPhone: Fax App

  • Send a fax directly from your iPhone in a few taps! No more old-school faxing machines are needed, download a brand new fax app.
  • Importing files from your iPhone – You can add files in JPEG, PNG, PDF formats to the Fax app directly from your device.
  • Built-in Scanner – In order to scan docs, use our built-in scanner. Just take a snap. The app will crop and format it to a document.
  • E-signature – Easily e-sign any paper on your phone screen with your finger and insert this signature into the document.

Faxes History – Track the status of every sent document. Make sure the recipient gets your faxes.


  • Send fax on the go, with the eFax app. Moreover, it is fast and easy. Just type the fax number, take a picture of the document and send. Use your iPhone or iPad to fax today. 
  • Signing an important document is crucial. eFax allows you to do it, with a digital signature saved on your device. Skip the queue at the scanner. 
  • Click the picture. The in-built mechanism compresses the photo then and there. Click send. 
  • Keeps all records. You get to store all your faxes in your iPhone. 

Fax Free

Fax Free empowers you to convert your iPhone into a fax machine.

  • The integrated document scanner and image compressor are the talk of the town. 
  • The app has the power to enhance the color features, and makes the document more legible. 
  • The bonus – Send fax to more than 90 countries worldwide. 
  • You can utilize eFax app to fax from your iPhone. Moreover, it gives the user the liberty to sign fax, edit it, and send it to the incumbent. 
  • This mobile app helps Apple users, to transform phones into fax machines. 


iFax is quite old. You will be amazed to read about its features. 

  • It comes with good security. 
  • It has 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption. 
  • Moreover, it is compliant with HIPPA faxing norms. 
  • You can use it on iPhone, iPad, and any Apple device. 

eFax is the best free fax app for iPhone. You can send the fax without a phone line. 

How to use free fax app for iPhone?

Create an account. Then, type the recipient’s fax number. Attach the document signed with digital signature. Send it. The process is similar for most fax apps. 

Best faxing app for iPhone & Android-online Dingtone fax


Dingtone has the Mobile Fax app too. You can use it on any phone. It is paper-less and low cost, too. Use it without registration, but get total security. 


  • You can add a letter in the body. However, it is optional. Enter the subject. Attach the file. 
  • Click send and the fax gets delivered to the recipient’s fax machine.
  • Is fax from iPhone free?

    Yes, the fax service is mostly free.

    Can I fax a document from my iPhone?

    Yes, you can fax with an app, not directly.

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