How to Download & Use Amazon Mini tv App?

For people who love shopping Amazon had always been THE PLACE, but now Amazon is bringing mini-TV for those who love binge-watching different shows simultaneously. So now with the Amazon shopping app, you can shop and when it gets mundane, you can watch shows for a change.

It is an exciting piece of news, isn’t it?

Well, a lot of people are loving this free streaming application, which is an ad-aided video streaming service.

What is Amazon mini-TV app?

Amazon mini-TV app download

Users mustn’t confuse with the Amazon Prime Video option since Prime Video requires a separate subscription and a separate app, that is not the case with mini-TV as it occurs right inside the Amazon shopping app.

You can easily get a dose of comedy, cookery shows, food and beverage options, and also catch up on the latest fashion trends.

You will also be able to catch up on the latest technological trends that are happening worldwide.

Amazon is trying to bring out professionally curated content that can sit well with the viewers and can be informative as well as recreational in nature. The best part is, it does not require any additional expenditure from your pocket and is all free for those Amazon shoppers who use the app to shop their essentials.

How to Amazon mini TV app download?

The Amazon mini-TV app need not be downloaded rather it is freely available to all those users who use the Amazon shopping app for Android applications easily. The iOS and the web browser options are to hope in the coming months and users will need to wait some more months for it.

For Android to surf the Amazon mini-TV app, you simply would need to download the below Amazon app from Google Playstore.

– Go to Google Playstore and search for the Amazon app.

– Next, click on the Install button and wait for the installation to happen.

– Open the Amazon app, complete the registration either by inserting your phone number or email address.

  1. For iOS

Even though the mini-TV can be viewed on Android devices the icon won’t work for you on iOS devices although your shopping app would be 100% operational.

How to use the app?

To use the app, users will need to follow the below points or steps.

– After validating the app, you can start using the app for shopping.

– Now simply scroll down and find the Amazon mini-TV app icon.

– Click on it and it will open on a new page & simply start scrolling through hundreds of videos and choose the ones you wish to watch.


Online shoppers are leaving amazing reviews about the mini-TV option. People love to watch these small videos and are catching up on them every time they come to the app for shopping.

The content is available only to Indian viewers and shoppers right now and there are web series and comedy shows apart from other informational content.

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